Unmistakable and compelling: Acoustic Popfolkrock by Stefan Picard

“My life began with music – and she will be my lasting companion”

“For as long as I can remember, music has been an important part of my life. My earliest childhood memories include singing with my parents. The old big piano, on which my mom learned to play when she was a child, was part of the permanent furnishings in our living room. As soon as I was able to reach the keys, I started strumming them.”

In the beginning, there was the guitar: At the age of nine, his piano career ended without any claim to fame. At eleven, he devoted himself to the guitar, and it is the instrument of choice for him to this day. He plays numerous string instruments with love and dedication: The slide, the resonator, the ukulele, or simply ‘normal’ guitars – whatever Stefan Picard touches, it will make beautiful sound.

With style and finger flair: Stefan Picard’s multi-layered guitar playing is the essence of all his performances and lends his compositions independence and intensity. He combines a multitude of different sounds and perfects them with his much-differentiated playing technique. He calls most of his guitars by name, e.g. ‘Red Lady’ or ‘Old Lady’ – an expression of his very personal relationship with his “babies”.

Unmistakable script: Stefan Picard is a German singer/songwriter with great independence and a very personal mixture of humor and depth. He is a born optimist and convinced that life has a purpose. He believes, there is a balance between all facets of life – or there should be. You need a dose of good humor as well as spiritual depth – all things we encounter in everyday living. Both his German and English texts tell these stories of life’s variety.

Message without pointing a finger: Stefan Picard shares emotions and perspectives with his innate optimistic and light-hearted demeanor. Yet, he is never pushy, intrusive or dogmatic. He is more comfortable being seen in the tradition of a Mark Knopfler than a Bob Dylan. The result is good, handmade music. ‘Acoustic Popfolkrock’ is what Stefan Picard calls his crossover of folk, pop, and rock. An absolutely independent mix, which immediately starts a spark.

Live and international: Stefan Picard often played ‘live’ with his Scottish musical brother, p00kah, aka Chris Barrett. Over the past few years, both have played many gigs together and with other musicians, in Germany, England, Scotland, the USA, the Czech Republic, and Italy. His concerts are a shared experience with an ambience all their own. When the audience leaves with a smile on their faces, then Stefan Picard has once again fulfilled his mission…

More recently he plays with different friends – or as solo artist and performs his German Album: Von Engeln, Liebe, Glück und Leben

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