Great Blues Festival in Scheßel

Scheßel? – where the f*** is Scheßel?

That question no longer is valid. Went to see great guys at a great wee Blues Festival in Northern Germany in that small village of Scheeßel. According to a friend there are two road signs in the middle of that village in opposite directions. One says: „Bremen 60 km“, the other one „Hamburg 60km“.

The line-up was amazing and I am proud I was a part of it. My personal highlight was Va Wolfen with his crew. They are not only nice people, but they played a fantastic set.

Other participants were Abi Wallentstein, Henning Pertiet – both doing da Blues and da Boogie Woogie, Dave Goodman – World class fingerpicker, Holger Sibbe – and my wee-self.

Open Stage in Scheßel with Tom, Holger Sibbe, Stefan Picard, Frufoo da Rudeboy, Micky van Wolfen

Cheers guys for organising that festy and cheers for your hospitality. It was just great!

Here’s a pic of the nice Jam-Session with many artist at the end of the shows – when people just didn’t want to leave 🙂