Great Blues Festival in Scheßel

Scheßel? – where the f*** is Scheßel?

That question no longer is valid. Went to see great guys at a great wee Blues Festival in Northern Germany in that small village of Scheeßel. According to a friend there are two road signs in the middle of that village in opposite directions. One says: „Bremen 60 km“, the other one „Hamburg 60km“.

The line-up was amazing and I am proud I was a part of it. My personal highlight was Va Wolfen with his crew. They are not only nice people, but they played a fantastic set.

Other participants were Abi Wallentstein, Henning Pertiet – both doing da Blues and da Boogie Woogie, Dave Goodman – World class fingerpicker, Holger Sibbe – and my wee-self.

Open Stage in Scheßel with Tom, Holger Sibbe, Stefan Picard, Frufoo da Rudeboy, Micky van Wolfen

Cheers guys for organising that festy and cheers for your hospitality. It was just great!

Here’s a pic of the nice Jam-Session with many artist at the end of the shows – when people just didn’t want to leave 🙂


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Saitentrieb Blues Festival am 3.2/4.2

Saitentribe Bluesfestival

Where the f*ck is Scheeßel? Okay, diese Frage wird relativ bald beantwortet sein. Nämlich dann, wenn ich dort eintreffe.

Ich freue mich auf 2 geile Tage mit netten Menschen und guten Musikern wie Micky van Wolfen und seiner Crew, Henning Pertiet, Rouven Stieghahn, Sven Trochelmann, Philip Göttert und vielen Anderen. 🙂


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Happy and exhausting week

7 days of recording and photoshooting behind us. Happy and exhausted at the same time. It was great fun to work with you, Christian, Chris, Peni, Michael, Norbert, Jörg. Cheers very much for your help and support. I am really happy with the result – and without you it wouldn’t have been what it became now.

Now the diligent army of graphic designers will make us look even better than we do look in real life. So wear your shades. You might become blinded! 🙂


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Stoo Stoo Stoodio

Been recording in my wee studio for the last couple of months. And the excitement is rising from day to day. Can’t wait to hear the finished product. But before we need some guest musos to bring their contributions. Great guys we found – but we don’t tell.

Woooosh, have to carry on.


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Tough Times!

So that was one month with p00kah. A few gigs, a lot of recordings, a lot of chilling and hang-outs with Café Latte, strawberry cakes, Franziskaner, good food and good friends.

Aaah forgot to say, yes we were diligent as well. Our new CD is going to be great. It also seems we have found great partners in some guys who are well established in the world of music. They like what we do – and we like them.

Lesson: just stay who you are and things will be good 🙂

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Meep Meep! Busy times ahead!

P00kah is coming today. Sponteneous gig at Rock Café Beans tomorrow. Then recording for a few days. Then off to Croatia for a few days in Winnetou Land with p00kah, Michael and Christine.

Hope to rock with the Sea Organ in Zadar – a very amazing site. A lot of pipes which emanate sounds created by the waves of the sea. Lets see how that will be.

Here’s a link to Wikipedia


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Angela is an Angel

Wow, great vocal tracks that Angela provided fort he Faerie Sage. I was sitting in her studio listening to her work and couldn’t hide my tears of joy. There ist hat mutual spirit which I can make out very clearly in that music. Looking forward to a few weeks with da p00kster and some more work on our planned cd.

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Nice Summer Party at Schottenradio

Hey that was a nice one. Great Party at Schottenradio with many great artists, such as Don Nicolson, Cross the Border, Tweed. And p00kah and I did our best to rock da house.

I could still cry when I lsiten to „Daddy, you’re a Giant“ by Don, a song about his father who was diagnosed with cancer just a few months ago. Here’s a link to his reverbnation site that contains this fatastic piece of music. Genuine Music, direct from the heart.

Have a listen :

Nice news about Hey Ja Hey from there as well. Basil, the owner of the station told me, that there were weeks with about 500 requests for Hey Ja Hey. Feckingtatstic I say!

Very nice also to meet Fiona Elcoat from Flying Pixie Promotions. Felt great to meet like-minded and warm-hearted people all around. Cheers fort hat!

It’s all about music, guys.

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Cheers to over 40 Radio Stations who play Hey Ja Hey

This is amazing. Over 40 Radio Stations played Hey Ja Hey so far and some of them included it into their rotation, some even into top-rotation. Yeaaaaah.

Cheers for that.

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